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My Cancer and Why I’m Writing About It
(Note: originally written on August 6th, 2009.)

I’ve written this page mentally six times since I decided to blog about my cancer, but now that I’m actually sitting down to do it I can’t remember any of it. I guess I have a lot on my mind.

I’ll start with the facts. In 2008, on February 8th, a Friday, I discovered a lump on my testicle. (I’ll go into more detail on the discovery in its own post, skipable for those not interested, and there for those that are).

By the following Tuesday it was on the operating table at Bridgeport hospital for unilateral oriechtamy .

After surgery, I had to decide between three treatments: radiation, chemo or surveillance. Surveillance basically means that there is no additional treatment per se, just regular monitoring (in the form of CT scans and blood tests) for additional tumors. I elected for surveillance (I’ll also share my reasoning, later).

Four days ago, on March 19th of this year (2009) a CT scan on my pelvis showed a 6 cm (2.4″) growth on the lymph node that is the arch typical next stop on the testicular cancer metastasis express. I am now contemplating my next steps.

So why am I writing this all down? Why is this blog called “Die Cancer Die”? Well because “die die die you fucking parasite how dare you fucking try to kill me cancer” would have made a really long domain name. That and I’m a 34 year old with a beautiful life, and wife and kids and I have testicular cancer, and that cancer is going to die. I am going to kill it and definitely not the other way around. (This is not false bravado, Testicular Cancer is the most curable Cancer, and I thank God for that.)

I’m writing this because I want the people around me to know what’s going on, so that when I speak with them we’re more or less caught up.
I’m writing this because it’s better and easier for me if you know the facts of my situation when we interact so that you and I are both more comfortable.

I’m also writing this so I can read it, when yes, I’m better and I want to reflect on and read the words that describe how I felt as I worked my way through treatment and recovery.

I’m also writing this, because, yes, I wouldn’t mind hearing from you, if you’re so inclined.

I’d also like to educate people about TC, because I certainly didn’t know much about it myself a year ago, and like any Cancer early detection is key.

Finally, I’m writing this for others that have TC or other cancers, because I’ve found it helpful to read other people’s stories, when I’ve found them, so perhaps someone who is going through something similar will get something out of reading this.

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