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Two Years Clear

I had my ‘two year post chemo’ test and scan last week and my oncologist confirmed via quick chat that it’s still showing no new tumor growth. I have a proper appointment next week to discuss future surveillance schedules and to really understand the statistical significance of the two year mark. I’ve previously understood two […]

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One Year Clear

On Tuesday June 29th I got a call from my Oncologist, telling me that my recent CT scan looked “terrific”. The conversation marked one year since I finished my Chemotherapy. I will now get quarterly chest X-rays and a CT scan every six months. The first two years carry the highest risk of reoccurance, so […]

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Six Months of Remission Behind Me

I saw my oncologist earlier this week for my (approximate) six month surveillance follow up. Based on a recent blood test and a CT scan from about a month ago, I’m still Cancer free. When I started, two years ago this past February 15th, there was very clear consensus about how long I’d have a […]

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CancerCare’s Walk for Hope

I continue to be extremely grateful to all of you for your help during the last four months.  I’ve committed to taking all that kindness that I absorbed and returning it back to the world, and doing that in honor of all of you.  Ironically, this means returning to the well (that’s you, people 🙂 […]

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Thank you, thank you, thank you

It’s been a blazing fast five weeks since I got the all clear from Dr. Motzer. Everything that had been put on hold for this cancer battle roared back to the foreground. Work, socializing, normal exercise and activity…they all returned to center stage. On the other hand, cancer stuff (like this blog) were neglected almost […]

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Remission Mission

It’s been a few days since I found out my tumor was gone. I returned to work yesterday; a big transition from the life I had gotten used to. It was a big transition for Renee too. We had become an efficient family unit. When I wasn’t having treatment and I was feeling decent, we […]

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Dr. Motzer says my scan results are what you’d hope to see, and no surgery or further chemo is required. He recommended another ct/pet is 3-4 months for the armpit but felt the chemo just irritated the lymph nodes. More later…. (Posted from my mobile phone)

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Big Day

(11:18 AM EDT) On the 11:17 to GCT for my chemo results. (Update 12:29 PM EDT) Arrived New York, walking to 68th & York. (Update 01:28 PM EDT) Waiting, relaxed.  Resigned to my fate. Waiting room is relatively empty. Could cancer be on vacation? (Update 01:49 PM EDT) Waiting now in an exam room. Suddenly […]

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CT / PET Scan Day

Today I’ll be live blogging my trip to sloan to get the scans that will eventually be essential in determining my post chemo status: remission and surveillance, surgery or more chemo. I likely won’t learn anything myself, but some radiologist somewhere will. Ill hear the results on thursday, which I will also live blog. (Today […]

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I’m Back

Well, I survived chemo. I still have the usual suspects of side effects for this time in the round but as per the cycle I’m starting to feel better. What I’m coming to terms with is that this isn’t another cycle. We’re discussing return dates to work, non-medically related plans and other normal life things. […]

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