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CancerCare’s Walk for Hope

cclogoI continue to be extremely grateful to all of you for your help during the last four months.  I’ve committed to taking all that kindness that I absorbed and returning it back to the world, and doing that in honor of all of you.  Ironically, this means returning to the well (that’s you, people 🙂 ).

In Fairfield on Sunday, September 13th  Renee and I will be walking in CancerCare’s Walk for Hope, an annual CancerCare fundraiser.  If you can, please donate, walk with us, or even just spread the word to others who might be interested.  All the funds will be used by CancerCare to help other cancer patients in their fight.

So far we’ve raised $595 $645 $745 $870 and added three team members, which is an awesome start. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed $$ and will contribute their time.

To donate yourself or learn more, please visit our team’s online home. (will open in a new tab or window).

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More Info About CancerCare:

My cancer diagnosis had a huge emotional impact on me as well as my family.  While oncologists treat cancer with great dedication, they just don’t have the resources to deal with even the patient’s emotional needs.

CancerCare’s mission is to fill that gap and more.  Their services are available free; not just to the patient, but to the entire family or anyone impacted. What they offer is as varied and individual as what you can reasonable ask for.

Attitude is key to beating any illness, and CancerCare plays a major helping role in managing and staying positive.

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