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40 Years Old, 10 Years Married, and 5 Years Cancer Free

This summer was one of many milestones. I turned 40, had my tenth wedding anniversary, and last week I met with my oncologist for my regular post-cancer follow-up appointment. My blood test showed zero sign of cancer. Five years of remission is significant because it’s widely acknowledged in the oncology world that when there’s no reoccurrence recorded […]

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Six Months of Remission Behind Me

I saw my oncologist earlier this week for my (approximate) six month surveillance follow up. Based on a recent blood test and a CT scan from about a month ago, I’m still Cancer free. When I started, two years ago this past February 15th, there was very clear consensus about how long I’d have a […]

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Remission Mission

It’s been a few days since I found out my tumor was gone. I returned to work yesterday; a big transition from the life I had gotten used to. It was a big transition for Renee too. We had become an efficient family unit. When I wasn’t having treatment and I was feeling decent, we […]

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Dr. Motzer says my scan results are what you’d hope to see, and no surgery or further chemo is required. He recommended another ct/pet is 3-4 months for the armpit but felt the chemo just irritated the lymph nodes. More later…. (Posted from my mobile phone)

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Big Day

(11:18 AM EDT) On the 11:17 to GCT for my chemo results. (Update 12:29 PM EDT) Arrived New York, walking to 68th & York. (Update 01:28 PM EDT) Waiting, relaxed.  Resigned to my fate. Waiting room is relatively empty. Could cancer be on vacation? (Update 01:49 PM EDT) Waiting now in an exam room. Suddenly […]

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