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CT / PET Scan Day

Today I’ll be live blogging my trip to sloan to get the scans that will eventually be essential in determining my post chemo status: remission and surveillance, surgery or more chemo. I likely won’t learn anything myself, but some radiologist somewhere will. Ill hear the results on thursday, which I will also live blog. (Today […]

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I’m Back

Well, I survived chemo. I still have the usual suspects of side effects for this time in the round but as per the cycle I’m starting to feel better. What I’m coming to terms with is that this isn’t another cycle. We’re discussing return dates to work, non-medically related plans and other normal life things. […]

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It’s the Cure that Gets You

It struck me today as I was resting and feeling fairly awful that I’m most likely cancer free. Of course I don’t know that for sure, so I’m tempering the thought, but I have completed the recommended treatment, which in 90% of cases of good risk pure Seminoma tumor like my own does defeat the […]


Fighting Drowning, Literally and Figuratively

Over the course of my week’s treatment, they put over two liters into my body intravenously per day. By the week’s end, like today, I’ve had 10 1/2 liters forced into my bloodstream. This is in addition to one and a quarter liters that I’m supposed to drink per day, for another six plus liters […]


85.3% Done

Yesterday was a crappy day. I’m not sure why but I felt lousy all afternoon and evening. I was surprised because I’ve come to rely on ‘the pattern’ from prior rounds to help me anticipate the side effects and this was out of the ordinary. I kept reminding myself that I’m almost done and the […]

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The Final Countdown

I can’t believe I’ve begun the final round; that I’m incrementing the 16-20 set of treatment days; that I’m in the last box in the upper left widget of this blog. On the one hand it’s taken forever to get here, but on the other I feel like it’s surprising that I’m this close to […]


Next After Chemo

With the forth and final round nearly upon us, I wanted to share the schedule post-chemo for the evaluation of my cancer. There are two appointments I have which will determine what, if any additional treatment I’ll require. On June 30th I have a PET scan at Memorial Sloan Kettering. The PET scanner is also […]

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A Most Excellent Weekend

People’s unbelievable generosity continuously overwhelms me. Renee and I are back from our weekend getaway and we had a really amazing time. On Friday night we met an old work colleague of Renee’s for a drink and then I left them to catch up while I went to meet my friend Bob. They ate at […]

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Wedding Aniversary

Today is my five year wedding anniversary.   As crazy stuff happens in life (like Cancer), it loads the elements in your life with additional burden.  Under that burden, two things can happen.  Stresses and cracks can appear and previously hidden flaws can be rent open, or it can flex and compensate and bunker down, shouldering […]


15 Days Down

Well, round three is nearly done, although that’s not really true.  The next three or four days, if the pattern is any indication as it has been, will be the real impact of the round. I have Neulasta tomorrow, then three days of steroids with their various side effects.  Also for this round my red […]