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Dr. Motzer says my scan results are what you’d hope to see, and no surgery or further chemo is required. He recommended another ct/pet is 3-4 months for the armpit but felt the chemo just irritated the lymph nodes. More later…. (Posted from my mobile phone)

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Big Day

(11:18 AM EDT) On the 11:17 to GCT for my chemo results. (Update 12:29 PM EDT) Arrived New York, walking to 68th & York. (Update 01:28 PM EDT) Waiting, relaxed.  Resigned to my fate. Waiting room is relatively empty. Could cancer be on vacation? (Update 01:49 PM EDT) Waiting now in an exam room. Suddenly […]

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CT / PET Scan Day

Today I’ll be live blogging my trip to sloan to get the scans that will eventually be essential in determining my post chemo status: remission and surveillance, surgery or more chemo. I likely won’t learn anything myself, but some radiologist somewhere will. Ill hear the results on thursday, which I will also live blog. (Today […]

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Next After Chemo

With the forth and final round nearly upon us, I wanted to share the schedule post-chemo for the evaluation of my cancer. There are two appointments I have which will determine what, if any additional treatment I’ll require. On June 30th I have a PET scan at Memorial Sloan Kettering. The PET scanner is also […]

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Sloan Kettering Visit with Dr. Motzer

Today we went into the city to see Dr. Motzer.  It wasn’t imperative to see him mid-treatment, but because he wasn’t available to see me pre-treatment because of his hospital rotation, I wanted to keep the appointment they had been able to give me. It essentially amounted to a three hour wait to see him […]


A Return to Positivity

Here is why it’s all worth it. I asked my friend Gary, who’s polishing off his doctoral thesis in Epidemiology, while working with his Masters of Public Health to research a study that my doctor at Sloan Kettering told me about my current course of treatment. (Reminder, I’m a seminoma pure germ cell, considered a good-risk, […]

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Memorial Sloan Kettering Visit – The Tidbits

Unlike the previous post, here I’ll talk about some of fluffier stuff (that is, as fluffy as it gets when talking about cancer) from yesterday. My favorite part of the day was being right.  How often have you disagreed with someone you’re close to, and you both feel really strongly about your position, and you’ve […]


Memorial Sloan Kettering Visit – The Facts

Yesterday several things were confirmed during my appointment at Sloan Kettering: I will require chemotherapy. There is a 90% chance that chemotherapy alone will diminish this new tumor and push the Cancer into remission if the tumor is a pure seminoma. I will need a CT guided needle biopsy to determine if this new tumor […]