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The three or four days after treatment are very strange.  Everything is very slow, soft and low energy.  It’s a struggle to do any small task, and once it’s done, there’s no satisfaction, but instead a feeling of “OK, what next”.  Time crawls.  Food tastes all the same, regardless of what it is. Describing it […]

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When I took a shower today I ran my hands through my hair to wet it.  After that I went to wipe the water from my eyes and I got a faceful of hair.  I then put my hands back into my hair and grabbed two handfuls of hair and easily and painlessly pulled it […]

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Alopecia Beginning

My hair loss has finally started.  Each time I shower I’ve been pulling on my armpit hair because I heard that’s where it starts first.  Today I got eight or nine hairs easily with a moderate tug. Later in the evening I gave a tug to tuft of hair on my neck line.  I got […]

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OK, not to go all PSA on you all, but don’t ever, ever, put a steroid in your body, at least without, I don’t know, 24-48 hours BEFORE you plan on, I don’t know SLEEPING. Just don’t put this shit into your body people, unless you really, really need to.   I’m willing to work […]


Initial Discovery – Feb, 08

This post is really for the guys. Ladies, if you’re concerned for your S.O. , you can send them this link. This is the story of how I found out I had testicular cancer. The morning of February 8th, 2008 was like many others.  It was a Friday and the kids started making noise in […]

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