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Two Years Clear

I had my ‘two year post chemo’ test and scan last week and my oncologist confirmed via quick chat that it’s still showing no new tumor growth. I have a proper appointment next week to discuss future surveillance schedules and to really understand the statistical significance of the two year mark. I’ve previously understood two […]

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One Year Clear

On Tuesday June 29th I got a call from my Oncologist, telling me that my recent CT scan looked “terrific”. The conversation marked one year since I finished my Chemotherapy. I will now get quarterly chest X-rays and a CT scan every six months. The first two years carry the highest risk of reoccurance, so […]

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CancerCare’s Walk for Hope

I continue to be extremely grateful to all of you for your help during the last four months.  I’ve committed to taking all that kindness that I absorbed and returning it back to the world, and doing that in honor of all of you.  Ironically, this means returning to the well (that’s you, people 🙂 […]

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Thank you, thank you, thank you

It’s been a blazing fast five weeks since I got the all clear from Dr. Motzer. Everything that had been put on hold for this cancer battle roared back to the foreground. Work, socializing, normal exercise and activity…they all returned to center stage. On the other hand, cancer stuff (like this blog) were neglected almost […]

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I’ve decided to make some changes as this blog and I are transitioning to a new phase. Lately I’ve felt that it had too much orange and since the beginning I’ve been looking for some artwork that made sense for the banner. When we lived in Poland we became familiar with an interesting road sign […]


Additional Thanks for Saturday

Avi let me know that he was not the only contributor to our Saturday night dinner gift. Our check was taken care of by a group called the “jillies” (of which Avi is a founding member). They are a secret society of sarcastic supporters of a silly singer and a set of super supporters. So […]

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Tree Trim Challenge

Remember I was looking for some mental challenge?  And remember I wasn’t feeling that productive?  And that was making me feel useless and incompetent?  I found something that addressed all those requirements.  We have a tree that is now dead and it is slowly leaning more and more on the utility lines that supply the […]



Even before I was re-diagnosed, I thought of some things that I’d like to achieve in the next few years. In an interesting trait of human nature, I’ve also heard that the more people you tell about your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them, so I’m telling anyone who will listen. Before […]

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TC Awareness

Returning to this topic with some more facts. Testicular is the number one cancer in males 20-34 years old. It is more common in whites then other racial groups. There are only about 8000 cases per year in the US, compared to 91,000 cases of breast cancer. The five year survivorship rate of TC (a […]

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It is Cellulitis. They started me on antibiotics. Apparently there is a 10-15% chance of an infection with any IV drug delivery. Throw in a compromised immune system and the odds go up. Timing wise, it can take days to develop because it take a while for enough infected cells to be created and for the […]

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