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Six Months of Remission Behind Me

I saw my oncologist earlier this week for my (approximate) six month surveillance follow up. Based on a recent blood test and a CT scan from about a month ago, I’m still Cancer free.

When I started, two years ago this past February 15th, there was very clear consensus about how long I’d have a heightened risk. As part of the total population of those with Seminoma based tumors, there was enough data to make statistically significant conclusion about the period of likely re-occurrence.

Since then, with my second tumor and treatment choice, I’m part of an increasingly narrow population, and there is no concensus. So, it required some discussion, but we agreed to the following plan:

  • Monthly blood screen for tumor markers
  • Immedediate CT in case of any suspiciiously elevated blood levels
  • Otherwise, CT Scan of Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis every six months

That plan will continue for two years, until March of 2011, after which I’ll likely go to an annual CT and less frequent blood screens.

So, if all goes well, I won’t be posting here until September!

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